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Lettuce GBrowse v1.2 access link
The first version contains a sequence of EST contigs assembled using genetic distance and scaling the gaps between the contigs based on the distance between them.
GBrowse v1 details and archived versions

Lettuce GBrowse v2.2 access link
The GBrowse v2.2 displays the genomic scaffolds bigger than 1kB (21513 scaffolds) in the version 4 of the genomic sequence.
GBrowse v2 details and archived versions

Lettuce GBrowse v3.2 access link
This version displays 3107 lettuce genomic scaffolds arranged by LG.
GBrowse v3 details and archived versions

Lettuce GBrowse v5.1 access link
Genetically validated assembly after splitting chimeric scaffolds base on haplotype segregation on a RIL population.

Lettuce GBrowse v6.1 access link
Genetically constructed chromosomal pseudomolecules of the release V5. Containts more than 90% of the assembly was placed into the genetic map providing a framework with 2.2Gb and ~38K genes.

Lettuce GBrowse v7.1 access link
Genome assembly further scaffolded using in vitro proximity ligation data by Dovetail Genomics using their Hi-Rise scaffolder. This versions contains 11,474 super-scaffolds covering 2.38Mb (superscaffold N50 of 1.8Mb and maximun superscaffold size of 12.3Mb).

Lettuce GBrowse v8.1 access link
This versions containts the chromosomal pseudomolecules constructed using the V7 super-scaffolds and the genetic map used for V6. This anchored 868 superscaffolds that contain 2.3Gb (99.5% of the assembly).

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Lettuce Genetic Maps(External Link)
Lettuce Map Viewer(External Link)
This genome browser provides access to data generated as part of the Chiplett and Compositae Genome Projects. The genetic map used to build the chromosomal-like sequences was based on segregation data from duplicate hybridizations of 213 RILs derived from L. sativa cv Salinas x L. serriola UC96US23 to a custom Affymetrix Genechip (Lettuce Genetic Map). The map contains 4755 genetics bins representing 1350 markers sorted in nine chromosomal linkage groups. Gaps between sequences are represented by "Ns" scaled to genetic distances (cM) between genetic bins (conversion factor 1.7Mb per cM). The orders of sequences that cosegregate in the same genetic bins are aribtrary.

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GBrowse v1.1

This genome browser provides access to the genomic scaffolds generated in the Beijing Genome Institute (BGI). It contains 21513 scaffolds that are 1Kb and bigger.

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GBrowse v2.1

This version display pseudo-genomic chromosomes based on genetic positions associated to the genomic scaffolds. The genetic positions were calculated based on the markers that map to each of the scaffolds and the pseudo chromosomes were build scalling the distance between scaffolds to a artifial repetitive sequence "NANCNGNT" (793000 bases per cM) to differentiate for the runs of N's generated from the scaffolding.

From the ~14000 markers present in the ultra-dense lettuce genetic map we were able to uniquely map ~11000 into 3093 scaffolds, these scaffolds are the base for the pseudo chromosomes and contains 1.5Gb of sequence.

This version contain the same tracks has the GBrowse v2, it corresponds to a subset of the scaffolds.
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GBrowse v3.1

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